Long Live Tiny Dancer!!!

If you are thinking of having a party at Mission Dolores, then you’ve most likely been to Mission Dolores and know the lay of the land. There is no back room or space out of the way or garden in the back – in fact, people have to walk through the entire space just to order a drink. We do not reserve tables – all seating is first-come, first-serve. If you want to carve out a little space for your group have a couple people show up early to sort of stake a claim. It’s not foolproof, but it works surprisingly well.

Here are the basics:

• You can bring food WITHIN REASON.
• You can have food delivered.
• Please try to keep your food at your table. We aren’t Hometown Buffet, so please don’t use other tables just to set up your food.
• Please clean up your trash. Obvious, no? Don’t hide taco trash under a bench or a pizza box behind a chair. We have trashcans hidden in plain sight.

• We love them! They’re good at the cute!
• Please keep your kids with you AT ALL TIMES. A bar is not a good place to go exploring – there could be broken glass, dogs that don’t like getting poked in the eyeball, tipsy people.
• If you bring a stroller, be respectful of our space and other bar-goers.
• Don’t let your kids go nuts in our bar. Hide-and-go-Seek? Rock Castles? Ultimate Tonka trucks? NO.
• No children after 6PM.

• We love dogs. We have dogs. We like seeing dogs in the place.  However, you have to have your dog on-leash AT ALL TIMES.
• No excessive barking. If you pooch has been barking at something  for the last 10 minutes there is a good chance that no one at the bar is having a good time and that they all secretly hate you.
• If you have a huge dog and it is busy, then take a second to think about the way it’s about to play out before you come in.
• Absolutely no exceptions. Offenders will be asked to leave.

Wanna Rent Out The Bar?
Send us an email with your date, time and number of people.
Thanks, folks!